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The Shaggy Sensibility

The Shaggy Sensibility is a reflection of our long-held core values.  It was inevitable that these values would be the founding principles of Shaggy Dog Farm.


Sustainability first and last.  We use fresh products direct from the farm and local vendors. We choose service materials wisely and minimize waste.  And, most importantly we are always working to improve the soil and conserve water.  Our goal is to leave our little piece of the land a little better than when we found it.  One acre at a time for future generations.


The warmth of a summer afternoon. The smells of blooming flowers and just turned soil. Buzzing bees and chirping birds.  Orange sunsets over the field.  Shaggy Dog Farm is a place to take a deep breath and appreciate the moment.


Whether we have a little or a lot, it’s always better when it’s shared.


We have spent our careers serving the needs of the land and the public. That doesn’t stop now. Whether it is thoughtful stewardship of the land, helping others to enjoy the special times of their lives or contributing to the community; service is a part of each day.

And a Little Bit of Silliness!

What’s better than a big shaggy dog and gathering with your friends on the porch?  Life is fun and we want the spirit of fun and yes, even a little silliness, to part of everything we do here at the farm.  Everyday is better when we can all laugh together.

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