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On-site Catering with Penokee Mountain Foods

Let's all just say "NO" to boring wedding food! We are so excited to team up with Penokee Mountain Foods and Chef Jon-Boy Bethold to offer delicious, unique and memorable dining experiences for weddings, private parties and corporate events.

Meet the Chef

Chef Jonathon Berthel, or Chef Jon-Boy, as he is locally known has been cooking in the Chequamegon Bay area for over 30 years.  His flavors, service and passion for cooking are respected by innumerable clients, fans and friends who have shared his table over the last three decades. 

Chef Jon-Boy puts it best: I look forward to working with each of you to create a unique and savory dining experience, bringing to your table the best and freshest of the Lake Superior region.


We currently allow you to choose our in-house catering or to choose an outside licensed and insured caterer.  However, there are many benefits of choosing our in-house catering.  The ease of in-house catering means just that much less for you to worry about.  We offer the convenience and quality assurance of working directly with Shaggy Dog Farm for both your venue and catering coordination. 

Most importantly, Chef Jon-Boy will work with each of you to create a unique and memorable dinner for you and your guests. We want you and your guests to remember how beautiful your event was AND how great the food was! 

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