Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) A work in Progress!



How big of a wedding or event can you accommodate?


Our most frequently asked question! And, strangely one of the most complex ones to answer.  Let’s break it down.


Just seating – fannies in chairs:

Inside the barn                            200

On the porch                                75

Lawn behind the barn                   300 

(Tents may be set up behind the barn)


Dinner Service – We can comfortably seat and serve 175. We have beautiful, rustic farmhouse tables, chairs and benches for 175. Each table is 8 feet long and seats either 8 or 10 people depending on table arrangement.


Dance, party or open house type event – The beauty of Shaggy Dog Farm is that there is so much room to roam. People tend to spread out on the lawn, the gardens, at the firepit,  the porch and the barn so we have a lot of flexibility and can visit with you about the size and type of event and see what will work.



We have a big family and I really want my wedding to be at Shaggy Dog.  Is there any way to accommodate my 250+ wedding?


The limiting factor is dinner seating.  You have the option of renting tents, tables and chairs for outdoor dining service.  There are a number of local wedding rental vendors you can work with. The barn can still be the focal point of your event serving as an entry point, guest book, gift table, mingling space before the ceremony, cocktails and appetizers during the social hour and cake service and dance/reception space after dinner.


Do you have restrooms?

We have two modern, unisex restrooms.  One has a baby changing table.  This easily accommodates events of about 150 with minimal wait times.  As you inch above that, you may want to consider renting a port -a -john.  There are several local vendors. 


What about parking?


We have a variety of parking areas and a guest drop off point.  We supply a parking attendant as part of your rental package and have good luck with events of 175 or smaller.  That said, we highly encourage carpooling.  Many of our clients also use a shuttle to pick up and drop off guests at local hotels.  It really helps with parking and is a favorite with guests. We can designate handicap spots.


Our policy on leaving cars overnight is pretty simple (and maybe a little unique).  If you need to leave your car – leave it.  If are wondering or questioning whether you should leave your car – leave it.  If someone asks if you think you should drive your car – leave it.  Just lock it and pick it up before noon on Sunday. 



What is the cost and what is included in the Shaggy Dog Farm rental package?


In order to meet a variety of budgets, we offer two rental packages and can also work with you to customize a package. Both rental packages include use of the barn, bathrooms, porch and bridal parlor; time for rehearsal, set up and photography; tables and chairs for 175 guests; on-site parking with attendant; trash and recycling receptacles and licensed bartender (s).  [Insert Link]



What is your policy on food?


Shaggy Dog Farm is a fully licensed and insured restaurant and bar. We can work with you to plan the perfect meal to meet your budget and the tastes of your guests.  Additionally, you can use a caterer of your choice.  However, to meet state regulations for the restaurant, they must be a licensed and insured caterer.  We don’t allow potlucks or home prepared food to be brought in.  You would work directly with your caterer to plan and pay for the meal and service.  We do have a kitchen charge if the caterer wishes to use the kitchen for prep, storage or clean up.  We can work with the caterer to determine what services they may need.


What is the policy on liquor?


Shaggy Dog Farm is a fully licensed and insured bar. By law, we cannot allow any alcohol to be brought in. This includes for the rehearsal, reception or clean up.  We offer very competitive drink prices and packages and provide experienced, friendly bartenders. We can have the bar open anytime during your weekend that you choose – whether it is a cold beer for the rehearsal, a champagne toast at dinner, bloody marys and mimosas for Sunday morning cleanup or none of the above, we  can work with you to create the experience you want!


What is the policy on music and entertainment?

You are responsible for arranging music and PA system for your ceremony and reception. Both live and recorded music are permitted, however the music must end by midnight to comply with local noise ordinance.



Is there lodging at Shaggy Dog Farm?


We don’t offer lodging at this time. However, one of the great things about Shaggy Dog Farm is the availability of lodging within minutes from the farm.  There are two Bed and Breakfast Inns within a mile.  We are a short five-minute drive from Ashland which provides over a dozen hotels, an RV park and several campgrounds.  There are also two casinos with lodging within 30 minutes.  Nearby Bayfield, Washburn and Iron River offer a wide variety of lodging and additional recreation opportunities.


I am using an outside caterer, can I still use the famous Shaggy “Sheeque” mix and match china?


Of course! We know it is a favorite and just adds to the charm and character of your day.  We charge $2.00/place setting.  We also have a variety of serving pieces and cloth napkins available for a small charge. If we provide the food these items are included in the price of the meal. 



Do you offer other items at the farm?


We offer table linens, decorations, lanterns, vintage pieces, whiskey barrels, cupcake stands, cake service, patio style heaters and much more. Many of the smaller pieces are included in your rental package, others can be rented for use at your event.

Have more questions?  Just give us a call.  We are always happy to answer questions and always want to keep learning, growing and exploring!


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